DeBeer Refinish is a brand of Valspar bv, formerly De Beer Lakfabrieken B.V. The company was founded in 1910 and has been manufacturing car refinish paints since 1951. In 1980, the present production site at Lelystad was opened and we now deliver to more than 100 countries worldwide from here. 1982 saw the launch of our colour mixing systems, followed by the first water-based products around the middle of the year 2000. With the introduction of VOC legislation for EU member states from the start of 2007, the WaterBase 900 Series system, in combination with the HS420 3000 Series, has now grown into a complete VOC compliant product range. Since 2004 the company has been part of the Valspar Corporation U.S.A. and this represents a major advance in terms of global coverage.


DeBeer Refinish' Vision:

"As a result of high levels of efficiency throughout all our operations, we are able to supply a worldwide range of compact, complete, and high quality vehicle repair paints at competitive prices. This ensures an ideal balance between price and quality. Our vision is to develop products that enable our customers to offer a cost-effective service thereby improving their own profitability."

Consistent quality of both products and working methods, combined with a responsible approach towards the environment, is guaranteed through the use of an integral "Health, Environment, Quality and Safety" system. 

Vivid colours that are so real they seem to be lifted straight from nature. A water based mixing system that allows you to fine-tune quality, colour precision, speed and application yourself, with the increased coverage and efficiencies of the leading brands.

Here at Bunbury Panel & Paint, it is our mission to provide outstanding workmanship and professionalism to every job we undertake. Our focus is on producing excellence in smash repairs and spray painting to ensure the customer is as pleased with the results as we are.

We will always strive to provide a quality of finish that will draw attention to the skills and professionalism of our team - we guarantee it!